Missing linked vCenter

After patching the vCenters (5 of them) from version 7.0 U3d to version 7.0U3f to fix the mitigate the issue found on VMSA-2021-0025 I lost the one of the vCenters. My first thought would be to revert back to the previous version using the OFFLINE snapshots taken from the vCenters before the update, but I … Continue reading Missing linked vCenter


vSphere CSI – remove orphan CNS volumes from GUI

Lately I've been playing around with vSphere CSI driver and for those who don't know what that is, vSphere Storage for Kubernetes, also called vSphere Cloud Provider, was introduced in 2017 and became the first vSphere storage solution for Kubernetes. The main goal of that project was to expose vSphere storage and features to Kubernetes … Continue reading vSphere CSI – remove orphan CNS volumes from GUI