Access Cisco Firewall through Telnet using Python

In my company we have a couple of VPN’s configured and one of the VPN’s is essential to the core business of the company.

That particular VPN from time to time freezes and i need to disconnect it, but that isn’t always a simple task as when i am in vacations i don’t have access to internet so i needed a way for users to be able to disconnect the VPN themselves. The solution was a python script that connects to the Cisco equipment through telnet using the telnetlib.

This is the script:

import telnetlib

pwd1 = “password
pwd2 = “enable_password
cmdVpn = “vpn-sessiondb logoff ipaddress”
cmdEn = “enable”
host = “”

tn = telnetlib.Telnet(host)

tn.write(pwd1 + “\n”)
tn.write(cmdEn + “\n”)
tn.write(pwd2 + “\n”)
tn.write(cmdVpn + “\n”)
print tn.read_all()
print “Operation completed”

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