[VMwareLAB] – 3.the design

Time for the fun stuff 😀 On my previous posts (here and here) I talked about what made me decide to go for a physical server, the parts that I selected considering my budget and the lowest noise possible and today I will talk about the logical design behind the lab. I will use my … Continue reading [VMwareLAB] – 3.the design

Script – Get VMs created, deleted or modified on vCenter

A while back someone asked me if i could tell him who deleted a vm and when. I was able to get the information but it took me quite some time digging in the events. After this request I was asked to create a script that would send an email every day with the VMs … Continue reading Script – Get VMs created, deleted or modified on vCenter

AppStack packages migration

App Volumes by VMware provides, in the fly, application delivery to virtualized desktop environments. This application delivery system allows applications to be delivered to virtualized desktop environments based on profiles using VMDK virtual disks without modifying the Virtual Machine or applications themselves. App Volumes v. 2.xx has some issues when you try to migrate AppStack … Continue reading AppStack packages migration